OctoberCMS Backend Loging Hash Error

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I'm very new to using OctoberCMS, so this one has me stumped. I've had a test site up and running on my local machine for two days. No real problems to speak of. Tonight I went to log in to the backend and I couldn't get in. I keep getting the following message:

A user was found to match all plain text credentials however hashed credential "password" did not match.

How can this happen? I've done absolutely nothing to alter any user, login, backend, or hashing within the CMS. This is simply a mystery to me. And more importantly, how can I fix it?



This is a common error, but may not be the best error message. To resume, the error is the following : Your password didn't match with your username.

An easy way to fix that would be to reset the password with the password recovery tool.

Another way would be to generate a new password, with the exsisting Encryption key in config/app.php. Find the encryption key, go to a encryption website (ex. then find result of encryption. Then modify your password in users table, in the DB. Remember, the encryption is 128 bits.

The easiest way would be to reinstall October with all the plugins and themes, then run php artisan october:up to migrate (seed the db).

Hope this help.