OctoberCMS 404 Page Custom URL For My 404 Page

I am using OctoberCMS Static Pages plugin in which I have created a 404 page with my custom URL something like this http://localhost/my_website/home/content/error404 .

When I open this page, its working fine but when someone types URL which is not exists something like this http://localhost/my_website/whatever, it is not showing the 404 page which I have created.

Can someone guide me how can I set this page as my default 404 page? Also I have created a partial to set the content and I dragged and dropped this snippet into this static page.

Any suggestion or thoughts?




You just need to create a page with the "URL" of the page in October set as /404 and October will use it for 404 errors.

You can also set a page with a URL of /error to handle "500 Internal Server Error"