October CMS - RainLab.Translate Causing Issues With RainLab.Blog

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I'm an amateur website developer working on my first ever professional project where I'm using the plugins RainLab.Blog and RainLab.Translate in an October CMS installation. Ever since I installed and configured the translation plugin, I'm unable to publish new articles where I'm getting an error message saying "The content field is required.", tho I am able to update existing articles.

I have noticed that by selecting a different language in the Title-field and Slug-Field, they show up empty for the new language, as expected. However, the content area does not and I am unable to re-write the article in any other language.

New article, first language:New blog post in October CMS using RainLab.Blog

Same article, different language:enter image description here

As you can see, the content field won't play ball.

If there is something more I can provide to clarify the issue or if anybody got some feedback, it would be much appreciated.



I think maybe you need to update your OctoberCMS version as I checked with the latest version and did not face any issue, please check the attached video (if its what you are talking about)

OctoebrCMS Build Version : 2.0.17
Blog Plugin Version : 1.5.1
Tranlate Plugin Version : 1.9.0

enter image description here

may be you just need to update version as with new version may be they solved issues.

To update OctoberCMS

First  => php artisan october:update
Second => php artisan october:migrate

Then it should work.

It seems in Translation plugin version 1.8.7 they have fixed this issue.

1.8.7 => Fixes Markdown editor translation.

if any doubt please comment.