Nuxt And I18n: Google Showing Mixed Language Results

I've made a site using Nuxt.

The site has 2 languages: Italian (default) and English for everyone else. I installed nuxt-i18n and configured it, and everything seems to work fine (especially when looking at the code with the devtools, html lang, rel=alternate and so on..).

But here's the problem: when i search for the site with google (in italian), the snippet for the site in the SERP is in english.

Here's my code:

    ['nuxt-i18n', {
      seo: false,
      baseUrl: '',
      locales: [
          name: 'Italiano',
          code: 'it',
          iso: 'it-IT',
          file: 'it-IT.js'
          name: 'English',
          code: 'en',
          iso: 'en-US',
          file: 'en-US.js'
      pages: {
        'contatti/index': {
          it: '/contatti',
          en: '/contact-us'
        'illustrazioni-collezione/index': {
          it: '/illustrazioni-collezione',
          en: '/illustrations-capsule'
      langDir: 'lang/',
      parsePages: false,
      defaultLocale: 'it',
      lazy: true

I set seo: false for better performance as explained in the docs, and merge the data in the default layout:

          {type: `text/javascript`, innerHTML: this.$t('policy.cookieId')},
          {src: `//`, charset: `UTF-8`, type: `text/javascript`}
        __dangerouslyDisableSanitizers: ['script'],

I also set the meta tags for every page with $t in the head(). For example, in home:

        title: this.$t('seo.home.title'),
        meta: [
          { hid: 'description', name: 'description', content: this.$t('seo.home.description')},
          { hid: 'og:title', property: 'og:title', content: this.$t('seo.home.title') },
          { hid: 'og:url', property: 'og:url', content: this.$t('seo.home.url') },
          { hid: 'twitter:title', property: 'twitter:title', content: this.$t('seo.home.title') },
          { hid: 'og:description', property: 'og:description', content: this.$t('seo.home.description') },
          { hid: 'twitter:description', property: 'twitter:description', content: this.$t('seo.home.description') },

I can't understand what i did wrong. I already added the site in Search Console. If you need to visit it for inspection, the url is:

If you need more of my code in order to answer just ask. Thank you.



Found out that this issue is from nuxt-i18n itself. The problem is that the Google Crawler will fallback to the english version of a page, and this not good if you have another locale as default. More here.

For now, until the problem is solved, the workaround I used is to disable the auto detect language to avoid the redirect with detectBrowserLanguage: false.