Nothing Appear When I Host Flutter Web App On Github

I want to ask you how I do hosting my flutter web app on Github ,I did all the ways to do that but nothing to show I follow the instructions in this video

and everything went fine to pushing to github as you can see

enter image description here

It is a simple page a simple static web page, I don't know what is the wrong, here is the picture of my repo on github

enter image description here

here the link the github provided me image description here

I tried to edit the link to go and display index.html

but nothing to show enter image description here

please can anyone help me with this issue



There's a line in index.html in your flutter-web app that needs to know the external path for deployment, and defaults to /. You need to fix that up before committing it to github. It is described in index.html as:

    If you are serving your web app in a path other than the root, change the
    href value below to reflect the base path you are serving from.

    The path provided below has to start and end with a slash "/" in order for
    it to work correctly.

    Fore more details:
  <base href="/">

For example, one of my sites has edited that to <base href="/counter/"> and it works fine.