not able to make hasMany relationship in eloquent laravel 5.1

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Hi I am new to laravel and trying to make one to many relationship where I am trying to get customer name from customers and order_no against the customer name from orders table, here is code

//--customer Model
class customer extends Model {
  public function order(){
    return $this->hasMany('App\order');

//-- order Model
class order extends Model {
    public function customer(){
    return $this->belongsTo('App\customer');

  public function searchRecord(){
  $customer = customer::all();
  return view('orders.searchRecord')->with('customer', $customer);


 @foreach($customer as $customer)                                        
 {{$customer->customer_name}}<br />

when I use {{$customer->customer_name}} it prints all customer name fine, but when I use {{$customer->order}} it prints the whole json of order table, but if I {{$customer->order->order_no}} it gives error undefined property $order_no.




You have defined your customer->order relation as one-to-many, which means that a single customer can have multiple orders. Therefore, when you access $customer->order you are accessing a Collection object that stores all customer's order, not a single order. There is no order_no property in Collection class, that's why you're getting the error.

One way to access invidual orders you'll need to iterate through the collection:

foreach ($customer->order as $order) {
  echo $order->order_no;