New SSL Certificate To Be In Place By 1st October

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I have been reading the developer blog on Facebook this morning and stumbled across this article saying that all Canvas pages are to use OAuth and SSL.

• an SSL Certificate is required for all Canvas and Page Tab apps (not in Sandbox mode)

• old, previous versions of our SDKs will stop working, including the old JavaScript SDK, old iOS SDK

Does this really mean that any application that has been created before this date will stop working? Am I really going to have to buy an SSL certificate for each application?



Yes looks like it. They told developers on 11th May 2011 :

Today, we are announcing an update to our Developer Roadmap that outlines a plan requiring all sites and apps to migrate to OAuth 2.0, process the signed_request parameter, and obtain an SSL certificate by October 1.

Migration to OAuth 2.0 + HTTPS timeline:

  • July 1: Updates to the PHP and JS SDKs available that use OAuth 2.0 and have new cookie format (without access token). September 1: All apps must migrate to OAuth 2.0 and expect an encrypted access token.
  • October 1: All Canvas apps must process signed_request (fb_sig will be removed) and obtain an SSL certificate (unless you are in Sandbox mode). This will ensure that users browsing Facebook over HTTPS will have a great experience over a secure connection. We believe these changes create better and more secure experiences for users of your app. A migration plan below outlines the potential impact on your apps.

From here:

Please Note: An SSL certificate is not required for user authentication on your site, Likes, Comments or other things. It's only used if you want to show your site (or parts of it) inside the domain.

Once your SSL certificate is installed on your site, you'll simply need to enter your new secure URL into the "Secure Canvas URL" and "Secure Tab URL". To obtain and install an SSL Certificate, we've partnered with The SSL Store in order to make the process as smooth as possible. SSL Certificates that work with Facebook can be purchased for as little as $11/year (multi-year) or $18 for just one year.

Purchasing a certificate through The SSL Store takes about 10 minutes and they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Below are instructions on how to purchase a new SSL certificate for your site so that you can use the Facebook Page features without any issue.

It does seem that you need to have one, and not one per app.