Ad Has Text Relocations. This Is Wasting Memory And Is A Security Risk. Please Fix

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My Android application (using native library) print this warning on Android 4.4 :

linker has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix.

Have you got an idea of what it is and how to fix it ? Thanks,



This would appear to be a result of two ndk-gcc bugs mentioned at

and stated there to have been fixed as of ndk-r8c.

It would appear that the check for libraries with the issue has been added only recently.

Note: please do not edit this post to hide the link URL. It is explicit because the destination is what makes it authoritative.

Further Note Changing NDK versions is only a fix when the warning is due to the code of your application. It will have no effect if the warning is instead on a system component such as libdvm - that can only be fixed by a system update.