MVC SEO Targeting Italy From A Domain

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My question is quite similar, but not exactly matching what I found here: Internationalize target country for SEO using language url path

The only difference is that the default (only) language (Italian) does not match the domain localisation. My business is located in UK and my MVC application is hosted on a "" domain. The website is for a software exclusively created for Italian customers, and is intended to be targeted for Italy only.

From a SEO perspective, I have configured the routing to use sub-directories like "", but I suspect that the default URL "" should be localised for Italy as well.

If so, what is the best approach to achieve this in MVC?

Thanks in advance.



Might be obvious, but why not use .it domain instead of

Anyway, otherwise I would not duplicate content with Italian content from the root and from the /it folder. Forget the /it folder if you only have one language.

There are some SEO tips here:

After that, just use Google Webmaster Tools:
Here you can configure for which country our page is intended too. Adding an Italian address into the footer cannot hurt either.

But this really is not an MVC issue at all.