Multipart/form-data Form Sending Data With AngularJS

I need to post form data as below to URL which is a webapi and the method is post

var surveyData = {
            Name: xyz,
            SetReminder: 'false',
            NoOfReminder: '0',
            StartDate: 'xyz',
            EndDate: 'xyz',
            Language: 'eng-us',
            Duration: '1',
            ApplicationName: 'xyz',
            SurveyTypeName: 'zxy'

i have written the below code which call the post method of wbeapi but the function is able to send the data but the post method is not able to read the data that is send using the angular js.

function(surveyData) {
               return $ , surveyData,{
                    headers: { 'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data' }


if web api is Multipart/form-data then you need to create key value pair in the below form so that multi part form data will be created.

var objFormData = new FormData();
                for (var key in surveyData)
                    objFormData.append(key, surveyData[key]);

then you need to send the created multi part form data using the below code:

 return $, objFormData, {
                    transformRequest: angular.identity,
                    headers: { 'Content-Type': undefined }