Migrating Opencart 1.5.6 To Will Affect Seo?

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I have an website on opencart 1.5.6.

Now I'm working on on opencart, which is in development now. When will be done, I will transfer my database with all my products/categories/orders etc.

When www2 will be done, will become www.

I will have same seo url for categories/products, but will be a different opencart version, with a different theme.

So this will affect my seo ? Currently I have 300-400 unique visitors from organic. I will lose those visitors ? Thanks!



In 1.5.6 version the seo url keywords were saved in url_alias table Now in 3 Version its saved in seo_url So you need to import the data from url_alias to seo_url and this way you will not loose seo urls. Only condition is the product_id and category id match from previous installation to new opencart 3 version.