MapView With ItemizedOverlay And Map Scrolling

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I have a problem with custom ItemizedOverlay on the MapView in Android.

What I've done: Very simple offspring of ItemizedOverlay class that only wraps my own type of items and uses ItemizedOverlay for all the hard work.

What works: Nearly everything - items are drawn properly, I can tap them etc.

The problem: If I drag the map in the view by the map itself, I can scroll it without a problems. But if I try to start moving the map over one of items from my overlay (eg. "dragging map by item"), it doesn't move.

This is really problem, because if I have "a bit more" items, there is no way to drag the map (without un-zooming and grabbing map outside items).

This problem occurs even if I don't handle any events generated by ItemizedOverlay (eg. with onTap() commented out in my overlay).

Any advice would be appreciated.



OK, we solved this issue.

But only solution we found was writing our own version of "ItemizedOverlay" (without inheriting it). Eg. we're drawing our own overlay and we handle "tap events".