Looks Like A Valid Python Syntax To Me But Gives Me Invalid Error Using In Django

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Maybe I'm wrong but this looks like a valid python code to me but I get invalid syntax....I'm trying to split url,removing www when domain is displayed. This is my code:

return urlparse(urlsplit(self.url)).netloc if self.url else "be kind to one another" 

but this is wrong... maybe I'm approaching wrong for implementing this function.. any help would be appreciated

Edit 1: Now I get 'SplitResult' object has no attribute 'find'



It looks like you just need to delete urlsplit function from your code and it will work as expected:

from urlparse import urlparse
url = ""
long_url = urlparse(url).netloc if url else "be kind to one another"
long_url.split('.', 1)[1] if long_url.split('.', 1)[0] == 'www' else long_url