Looking For Doc On Why IE "yellow Bar" Shows When Opening A HTML File That Contains JavaScript

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I have a site, from which you can download an HTML file. This HTML file contains a form with hidden fields, which is right away posted back to the site using JavaScript. This is a way of allowing users to download to their own machine data that they edit on the site.

On some machines, you get an IE "yellow bar" when trying to open the file you saved. The "yellow bar" in IE is warning that the HTML is trying to run an Active X (which it is not, there is only JavaScript doing a submit() on a form). However if you receive the exact same HTML file by email, save it, and open it, you don't have this problem. (It looks like IE is putting some more constraint on what can be done in a HTML file you saved from web site.)

My question is: where can I find documentation on this IE security mechanism, and possibly how can I get around it?




The yellow bar is because your page is executing in the Local Machine security zone in IE. On different machines, the Local Machine security zone might be configured in different ways, so you can see the yellow bar on some machines and not see it on other machines.

To learn more about the IE's URL Security Zones, you can start reading here: