Load Data From Google Analytics In A Chart.js Chart

My question is: How do I load data from Google Analytics in a Chart.js chart?

I am writing a program with the Laravel framework (version 5.6) and use the Google Analytics API (not the Google Analytics Embed API)(version 3).

I get the data correctly presented in an array but I want to show it in a graph.

Subquestion: Do I need to replace the data in datasets with a connection to the Google Analytics API?

A simple chart from Chart.js:

<canvas id="userChart"></canvas>
    var ctx = document.getElementById('userChart').getContext('2d');
    var chart = new Chart(ctx, {

    // The type of chart we want to create
    type: 'line',

    // The data for our dataset            
    data: {
        labels: ["dag 1", "dag 8", "dag 15", "dag 22", "dag 30"],
        datasets: [{
            label: "users",
            //backgroundColor: '#2f5ec4',
            borderColor: '#2f5ec4',
            data: [138, 163, 115, 124, 49],
    // Configuration options go here
    options: {}

Update: Example of how I get the Analytics data:

Route::get('/datatest', function()
    $analyticsData = 

Example of the DD array:

DD array



It might be too late but for anyone who is in need, try the following. For your case you have your $analyticsData collection, which is a good start. Chartjs uses lists to map and compare data. So for example we want to see a chart of date vs visitors

//transfer all of this code out of the routes to your controller

$analyticsData = Analytics::fetchTotalVisitorsAndPageViews(Period::days(30));

//send these two variables to your view

$dates = $analyticsData->pluck('date');
$visitors = $analyticsData->pluck('visitors');

In your script, the labels should receive $dates in a list as follows;

labels: {!! json_encode($dates) !!},

And data in datasets receive $visitors as a list;

data: {!! json_encode($visitors) !!}

See this article on my website for more in-depth explanations.