Liquid Slider Not Working Properly In Chrome Extension

I am working on a google chrome extension. I am using Liquid slider to help me with the popup, when I am in brackets and do live preview, I get exactly the result I want.

But when I go into google chrome to test my extension this happens.

It is not in the tab format anymore.

I could not find any support on this, if anyone has any idea why this does not work. Is it just because I can't use Liquid Slider in my chrome extension? I have no idea. Please tell me if you need more information.

Edit: If it is not possible to fix the error and bring back the tabs, we can also just use arrows, and figure out how to delete the tabs.



Chrome extensions have stricter security & sandboxing than regular web pages - for example, Content Security Policy is enabled by default. That may explain the difference.

To get more specifics about what's going wrong, you can debug your extension by right-clicking the icon and selecting Inspect Popup. This will open the familiar Chrome Dev Tools where you can check the console for errors, etc. Does that give you more specifics to go on?