Linq To SQL: Can I Eager Load Only One Field In A Joined Table?

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I have one table "orders" with a foreing key "ProductID".

I want to show the orders in a grid with the product name, without LazyLoad for better performance, but I if use DataLoadOptions it retrieves all Product fields, which seams like a overkill.

Is there a way to retrieve only the Product name in the first query? Can I set some attribute in the DBML?

In this table says that "Foreign-key values" are "Visible" in Linq To SQL, but don't know what this means.

Edit: Changed the title, because I'm not really sure the there is no solution.
Can't believe no one has the same problem, it is a very common scenario.



I get the solution in this other question Which .net ORM can deal with this scenario, that is related to the liammclennan answer but more clear (maybe the question was more clear too)