Large Quantity Of Data Real Time Visualization

I'm building a dashboard receiving tons of data from MQTT in JSON format (data frequency ± 4Hz). I'm trying to visualize this data and initially picked Highcharts ( but quite quickly realized that browser can't simply handle that amount of information.

I'm quite new to visualizing such amounts of data so would appreciate any advice on how to handle that amounts of data (currently arduino's post data to given topics and I receive them on the server, store in mongo and send to the browser to be updated). There's a chance my entire approach is completely wrong so please guide me to a path!



Your problem is likely that the SVG that Highcharts is creating is too large for the browser to handle in a timely manner. If you have too many data points, you'll need to do 1 of 2 things.

  1. Switch to a charting library that uses an HTML5 Canvas instead of an SVG

  2. Pare down your data using a best fit or some other curve interpolation.

If you switch to a Canvas based chart, you'll lose some of the cool features that SVGs have, but every data point will make it to the page. I've used jqChart for this in the past. It's not free though.

If you pare down your data, not every data point will make it to the page, but the nice features that SVGs allow will still be there. You'll still probably be able to use highcharts.