Large File (30Mb+) Uploads Over The Internet, What Are The Better Options?

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A friend and I have been discussing what's the best way to send large file over the Internet. FTP, single Web services, Chunking Bytes To multiple Web Services, HTTP File Post (multi-part message), RIA Interface (SilverLight or Flash).

Are there answers/solutions that are missing?

Let me give you more of my specific situation.

I have a .NET 2.0 Windows Form "client" application that interacts by web services with an ASP.NET Application. In the client application I need the ability to upload a large file and communicate the status of the upload to the user. I was doing a single web service, but found the file size to be problematic over the Internet, so created multiple web services to chunk the byte array. Now, wanting to consider other options.

Some research done...

SilverLight File Upload

ASP.NET File Upload

FTP in .NET Framework

Wanting others opinions. Thanks.



We have this problem and we use a web service solution with three calls, one to start the process, the second to send up chunks of the file and the third to end the process, works like a charm.