Laravel Wsod (white Screen Of Death) On Godaddy Hosting

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I'm developing a laravel 5.1 application which is working absolutely fine on my localhost. But when I deploy it to GoDaddy's shared hosting, it gives a blank white page on opening the domain.

I have followed this tutorial to upload to the server.

How can I resolve this error problem? Any help will be appreciated.




Kindly check the file permissions. Generally this issue comes when file permissions are not as it should be. Better call the GoDaddy customer care and they will run a quick check and will tell you if there is any problem with file permissions.

Also, GoDaddy Server, I mean CPanel by default supports a lower PHP Version. Where as New versions of laravel requires PHP >= 5.5.9. Kindly tell GoDaddy guys to upgrade your Server PHP version.

Follow these two steps and you should be fine.