Laravel Valet Secure Does Not Work And Where Is Nginx Information Coming From After Deletion?

So I am working on Laravel/Valet, I was trying to use ssl. So I ran:

valet secure examplesite 

This did not work. I have uninstalled valet, cleared cache, remove laravel/valet. Nothing worked. I just could not open the https://examplesite.test site. However, the non-secure http site is working fine.

Question 1: How can I get this to work? I am on MAC OS Sierra.

Question 2: Even after removing nginx and valet, I am still seeing something like the image shown like this image when I load the page. Where is the information about the server nginx coming from?

Thank you very much.



So after running valet secure in the same directory of the web project;

I ran the code below:

    sudo nginx -s stop && sudo nginx