Laravel Routes, How To Group Similar In One File

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I'm working with laravel(5.2), and there are a lot routes in my route file.

in fresh install I noticed that it was loading auth routes something like this.


nothing else was there in routes.php file related to auth routes.

in my file, I've like this one

Route::get('color/event', '[email protected]');
Route::post('color/event', '[email protected]_message);

and many others, So I want to load all in laravel way, like Route::color(); and it should load all color related routes

Thanks for you time



so, anyone if s/he is looking for same answer, I figured that out.

if you want something like Route::auth(); OR Route::color();//in my case or whatever you want to call it, you need to add custom function in your Router.php file. So solution will look like

//inside Router.php file
public function whatever(){
    $this->get('app/', '[email protected]');
    $this->post('app/new', '[email protected]');

and in your route.php file, you can do this.


But this is really dirty way to do that

so instead you can extend the base Router and register your router in bootstrap/app.php

$app->singleton('router', 'App\Your\Router');

so I community forces to use second approach.

for more details, have a look here.

hope someone will find this useful