Laravel Mix (v6.16.0) Ignores Tailwind.config.js (v1.2.0) Settings

I am using laravel/framework v6.16.0, laravel/ui v1.2.0 and TailwinCSS v1.2.0. For setting up, I used the instructions from After minor adjustments concerning the namings, like

  • tailwind.js =>tailwind.config.js
  • @tailwind preflight; =>@tailwind base;
  • @import 'tailwind'; =>@import 'tailwindcss';

everything seemed to work fine and the TailwindCSS classes take effect. My only problem is, that all changes I made in tailwind.config.js are ignored. The files are recompiled (npm run watch), but the changes from tailwind.config.js are not adopted. There are no error messages or other indications.

If I provoke a syntax error in tailwind.config.js, I get an error message. Therefore I conclude that the file is parsed, but as I mentioned without any effect.

Can someone tell me where to start troubleshooting or better tell me where the error could be?



Alright, installing solved my problem.