Laravel Extract Excerpt From Content Using Tinymce

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I'm using tinymce as rich text editor and separate excerpt from content via pagebreak button that insert a <!-- pagebreak --> tag . I'm wondering what is the best way to extract excerpt from database.
I know i can use preg_math as well as preg_split , but is it realy best and optimized solution?
wouldn't it be better and faster to save excerpt in a separate column?



This should work, without using any regex functions:

$pagebreak = '<!-- pagebreak -->';
$content = 'I am the excerpt<!-- pagebreak -->I am the rest of the content';

$excerpt = substr($content, 0, strpos($content, $pagebreak));
$restOfTheContent = substr($content, strpos($content, $pagebreak) + strlen($pagebreak));

var_dump($excerpt);  // string(16) "I am the excerpt"
var_dump($restOfTheContent); // string(28) "I am the rest of the content"

Please note that this is really only designed to work with a single page break. It wouldn't be too difficult to modify it to generate an array of $pages based off of the string $content should multiple page breaks be necessary.