Laravel Eager Loading Phpunit Testing

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I am trying to do a GET request to retrieve a specific film via the id /GET 'film/{id}' etc


-- id

-- description

this is what is part of the response, what if I've many-to-many relationships within the film model as shown in the film model

public function languages(): BelongsToMany
    return $this->belongsToMany(

public function categories(): BelongsToMany
    return $this->belongsToMany(

is there a way you can include these tables as part of the response I came across something called eager loading in the Laravel docs but unsure if this covers what I need I have an example below but I'm lost if I'm on the right tracks?


public function show(string $id): string
    /** @var Film  $film*/
    $film = film::findOrFail($id)

    return $film->toJson();

I am trying to write a PHPUnit test to ensure that when a film is grabbed via the id it returns the id, description as well as the options choosing from the many-to-many relations.

This is the test I've started


public function setUp(): void

    $this->film = factory(Film::class)->create();

    $languages = factory(Language::class)->create();

    $categories = factory(Category::class)->create();

 * @test
public function it_should_get_film()
    $response = $this->json('GET', '/film/' . $this->film->id);

    $film= Film::findOrFail($this->film->id);

        'id' => $film->id,
        'description' => 'This is my favourite film'

can you include these relationships into a factory?


    $factory->define(\App\Models\Film::class, function (Faker $faker) {
    return [
        'id' => $faker->uuid,
        'description' => $faker->paragraph


  $factory->define(\App\Models\Language::class, function (Faker $faker){
    $langCode = $faker->languageCode;
    return [
        'code' => $langCode,
        'name' => $langCode,


    $factory->define(\App\Models\Category::class, function (Faker $faker){

    return [
        'main' => $faker->text,
        'sub' => $faker->text,

Can i get some help with this please i've hit a brick wall some help and examples would be great :) thanks!



You are very much on the right track. There are, however, some syntax errors.

This is how you grab a film, eager load required relationships and return it as JSON:

public function show($id)
    $film = Film::with(['languages', 'categories'])->findOrFail($id);

    return $film; // will automatically convert it to JSON

And this is how you test it:

public function testShowFilm()
    $film = factory(Film::class)->create();

    $language = factory(Language::class)->create();

    $film->languages()->attach($language->id); // associate the film with the language

    $category = factory(Category::class)->create();

    $film->categories()->attach($category->id); // associate the film with the category

    $url = '/films/' . $film->id;

    $this->json('GET', $url)
        ->assertJsonPath(['id' => $film->id])
        ->assertJsonPath(['description' => $film->description])
        ->assertJsonPath(['' => $language->id])
        ->assertJsonPath(['' => $category->id]);

Note that in your scenario you should have:

  • 3 model tables: films, categories, languages;
  • a factory for each model table;
  • 2 relationship tables: film_categories and film_languages.

Then you can either set relationships as part of your test using the attach method as in the example above, or you can use factory callbacks: