Laravel Authentication Redirect Fails

Followed this guide:

Added auth routes from laravel docs

mkdir auth
chmod -R 777 auth

Created login/register views

Created /home route

Customized AuthController:

protected $redirectTo = 'home';
protected $redirectPath = 'home';
protected $loginPath = '/auth/login';

When attempting to access auth/login I got this error:

ErrorException in Request.php line 775: .. Session store not set on

Moved auth routes to middleware group.

Successfully registered, created user in db and sessions file

Changed home route to check is user is logged in:

if(Auth::guest()) {
    return Redirect::to('auth/login');
} else {
    echo "welcome home";

Went to auth/logout and then back to home route, was not redirected to login page but to root of site Now whenever I go to auth/login it also redirect me to the root path, so I went to incognito mode and went to the auth/login page, it rendered successfully and logged me in (created a session file in storage/framework/sessions) but then also redirected me to the root path.

From a previous answer I then added this to my auth controller:

public function authenticated( $request,  $user ) {
    return redirect()->intended($this->redirectPath().'?success');

Problem still exists when going to home route in normal mode (Chrome) but redirects to auth/login page in incognito mode, and creates session file but still redirects to root path after successful login. I then commented out the authenticated() method in the auth controller but problem still exists...

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If you are using the Laravel 5.2 version then you will need to use web middleware, in my case I have this

Route::group(['middleware' => 'web'], function () {
   Route::get('/home', '[email protected]');

Where as for version Laravel version 5 and 5.1 you need to have this below routes:

'auth' => 'Auth\AuthController'