Laravel 5 Unable To Migrate

I know this question has been and answered before, but none of the answers apply in my situation. Essentially, I have a Laravel install. I try to run

php artisan migrate

I get the following error:

 Access denied for user 'homestead'@'localhost'

Now here's the deal. I am not using homestead. It's a standard LAMP install and I have changed the database settings in config/database.php and in the .env file to reflect the correct username and password for my database. I can find no logical reason for artisan to still be attempting to use the homestead user. My APP_ENV is set to local and there is no production folder in either the app or config folders. I'm at a loss as to where it is pulling the homestead user.


I have restarted apache, and run both

php artisan config:clear 


php artisan cache:clear

It's still pulling the homestead user from something, but I simply cannot figure out where.



I truly have no idea what happened with that particular build, but I am closing this question just to be done with it. I trashed the build and started over without any problem whatsoever. What happened there will forever remain a mystery.