Laravel 5 Package Installation

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I want to install a laravel package but don't have any idea how to do it. It is the Admin Architect package that I want to install.

This is the getting started page, if you scroll down to Zip archive (Public way) you will see the installation.

They say that you have to extract it in the package directory. But I do not have a package directory in my laravel 5.1 project.

Does someone know if you have to make one and put all the files that I have in there?



You need to start at the Via Zip archive (Public way) section.

The way to do this is completely up to you. The best way is probably to create a packages folder in your main Laravel directory along with app, bootstrap, database directories etc...

Unzip the contents of the zip package and then add the required item to your repositories in your composer.json

"repositories": [
        "type": "git",
        "url": "./packages/administrator"

This will add the repository which contains the package terranet/administrator as long as the url is correct. You might have to modify it to get it to work correctly so that when you run composer require terranet/administrator, it will be able to actually find terranet/administrator from the repository.

From there, simply follow the rest of the instructions (adding the service provider, etc...).

The reason other answers are not working is because the package terranet/administrator is not available publicly and you need to add the repository to your composer.json file for that to become availble. You can see all packages available publicly by going to where you will see searching for this package yields some results but not the one you are looking for.