Laravel 5.2 /login & /register Not Working

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I'm testing out the new Laravel and when creating a basic application

composer create-project laravel/laravel
composer install
composer update
php artisan make:auth

I'm presented with the basic authentication scaffold, after doing a little playing around, the links on the menu for logging in and registers stop working. I coudn't find the problem to fix it so I just created a new project.

And the same has happened again.

All i've done is

  1. Created a new view members.dashboard
  2. Set the login redirect to go to the dash board after logging in

Has anyone seen this problem before and can point me to the error?


/auth/login = no route
/auth/register = no route
/login = redirect to home page
/register = redirect to home page


You were logged in & cookies were keeping track of your authentication status. Thus you are redirected to home page when you visit


In Laravel Auth, Logged-In users can't view login page or register page. You have to either logout OR delete the cookies (not a recommended way) to view these pages again.