Kraken API AddOrder Passes Successfully But Order Is Not Placed On Kraken

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I'm trying Kraken APIs via C# and I managed to call public APIs as well as private APIs for getting the balance and getting open orders. But when I wanted to try an AddOrder API I encountered a problem, the API is executed successfully, but there is no order on Kraken.

Below is the result I get after calling AddOrder API. It seems normal, no errors and all parameters are as I specified them (sell 0.01 btc at 8100.00 usd)

{"error":[],"result":{"descr":{"order":"sell 0.01000000 XBTUSD @ limit 8100.0"}}}

But there is no order on Kraken platform. Any idea what I did wrong?



I figured out that parameter validate has to be false!!
By default I set validate to true (which should be desired I guess),
but it does not work.
With validate == false order is placed correctly.
FYI, even if validate == false, basic input arguments check is performed.