JSON Object Recieved From Api Property Returns Undefined

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For the project that I am working on, I am using the Shopify API which allows you to retrieve products and other information from your store to be retrieved in the format of a JSON object. I was able to successfully get the JSON object from the API, however when I try to access a property of the JSON object, it returns undefined. I have looked at a couple of articles that I will refrence below, but the problem for those users were things such as needing to use:


for a JSON object enclosed by strings which is not my probelem, I have tried a few other work arounds as well but with no luck, I originally thought that the problem was that my code needed to use an "Async/Await" function in order to wait for a response from the API, but I then realized that wouldn't make sense considering I can recieve the whole JSON object itself with no problems.

When I use:

request.get(url, {headers})
.then( result => {
console.log(result); // Only accessing object itself

I recieve the JSON object response correctly with no error like this:

     {"products":[{"title":"Test Product 1","body_html":"This is a product that is being tested for retrieval!",
"published_scope":"web","variants":[{"title":"Default Title","price":"5.00","sku":"","position":1,"inventory_policy":"deny",
"compare_at_price":null,"fulfillment_service":"manual","inventory_management":null,"option1":"Default Title","option2":null,"option3":null,
"requires_shipping":true,}],"options":[{"name":"Title","position":1,"values":["Default Title"]}],"images":[],"image":null}]}

However when I use this, the JSON object property returns undefined:

request.get(url, {headers})
    .then( result => {
    console.log(result.products[0]); // Accessing the first item in JSON "products" array

Articles I have already checked out:

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Would anyone be able to explain my error or why this is happening? I am more than happy to edit my question to include any code/information that might be helpful.

Thanks in advance, Michael



try this:

console.log("data:", JSON.stringify(result.products[0], null, 2));

console.log to print the result to your console. Use Chrome and developer tools and you will see a console option - excellent for debugging.

JSON.stringify turns the JSON data into something you can see and read. You can convert the data and then split as you need this way too.

OK, a second answer. I can't check this, as I don't have your JSON data, however, I would try something that would likely resemble this...


if the data is not correctly formatted then take the stringify approach and split it out. Otherwise, consider this:

products":[{"title":"Test Product 1"

variable = products[0].title;

I would tend to use a function to pull all the data out in one shot.

function Getv(data){    global.myApp.v = JSON.stringify(data, null, 2); }

then I might run this...

 Getv(data.Items[0]); let splitData = global.myApp.v.split('\"'); let vCount= splitData.length;