Jquery Toggle on click of image

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I am trying to understand how the jquery toggle works. I want to toggle to next anchor with class plr-anchor on click of image with class go_down. The data is populated using maps.

Jquery code:


Code snippet:

{data.map(function(categ) {
return <div>
<a className="plr-anchor" id={categ.short_name}></a>
<img src="/static/img/icon_up.png" className="go_down"/>

There seems to be a problem with the syntax on the Jquery call function. I am newbie with Jquery, any help will be great. Thanks in advance.




You have used # instead of $ inside click handler. Also you need to find exact plr-anchor which is before the clicked image. Right now you are toggling all plr-anchor.

For dynamic elements, use $(document).on(event, selector, function(){}); for binding click handlers. See below code

source: stackoverflow.com