Issue When Using Laravel Forge With Bitbucket

When using bitbucket with forge, you have to follow this message in order to use bitbucket and forge

When using a custom Git deployment or Bitbucket, you must add the following SSH key to your source control provider before installing repositories:

The problem is it's not clear where I need to put the SSH key, there's like a million place in bitbucket that you could add a SSH key to, so please can someone explain to me why when using bitbucket I need to add SSH keys and where I need put them.



You need to add ssh keys on your bitbucket account.

bitbucket account-> Settings->SSH Keys

Bitbucket Server administrators can set up SSH access keys to secure the Git operations that other systems perform on the repositories managed in Bitbucket Server.

Using access keys avoids the need to store user credentials on another system, and means that the other system doesn't have to use a specific user account in Bitbucket Server.

For example, access keys can be used to allow your build and deploy server to authenticate with Bitbucket Server to check out and test source code.


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