Is There A Way How To Navigate To Destination And Add Another To Backtstack In NavigationManager?

Hi I am new to android NavigationManager.

Consider fragments A, B and C conected in nav_graph as shown in the picture. scheme

Basically what I am trying to achieve is to navigate from fragment A directly to C. But when clicking on back button, I want it to behave as if I were first in fragment B.

So A->C, on back buttons: C->B->A

Is there some way, how I could add fragment B to backstack without actually showing it using NavigationManager?



So it seems I should be more careful when reading documentation. I missed this site.

There is mechanism for custom back behavior. All I needed to do was to add this code to fragment C class:

//use onResume if you want to handle orientation change
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
    val callback = requireActivity().onBackPressedDispatcher.addCallback(this, object :
        OnBackPressedCallback(true) {
        override fun handleOnBackPressed() {
            val options = NavOptions.Builder()
                .setPopUpTo(, true)

            navController.navigate(, options)

My mindset was wrong the whole time. I was trying to add B to backstack when launching C. What I had to do instead in fragment C on back button pressed was going forward to B and delete C from backstack.