Is There A Full HTML/Javascript Online Search Engine?

I'm looking for a search engine that would also index the html and javascript code, and not only the rendering.

Use case: Some specific hardcoded javascript parameter is used somewhere in the ~80000 pages site I work on. I need to find where is the page with a specific parameter.

Much appreciated.

EDIT: Context: I don't have direct access to the code. The parameter in question is used to configure some info to send to Adobe's Omniture (into which I get weird hits).

EDIT: Maybe there is no such search engine. I'll keep the question open...



As far as I know, there isn't an online search engine that would do that. The closest you can get to that would be Google Code Search which indexes public source code. You might be able to make use of it if you host your code as a public repository on services such as github, google code, sourceforge, etc.

If it is a private project you're working on, then you should have access to the source code, no? If so, then as @Spiny Norman mentioned, you can simply use grep.

For a large source base, you might be better off using ack.

If you have your code in SVN/Git, look up svnquery or git grep.