Is It Possible To Use An External Database For User Data & Login Credentials With Shopify?

Our client has asked us to build a Shopify site that ties into their in-house customer db (with or without using Salesforce). Is this even possible? Does Shopify support any method of cross-site database querying?

The only thing I can think of to accomplish this is to write a webhook on their in-house server with a simple read-only mini DB query API. However, as that I'm not super familiar with Shopify's more obscure capabilities (and having already spent quite some time sifting through their docs and running google searches on the matter with absolutely zero results), I'm not even sure if this is possible.

Are we barking up an impossible tree, or is this something that can actually be accomplished?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.



What I have understood from your description is you already have an external database with user login details and you want to use the same for authentication in Shopify. If yes, then it is possible with Shopify Multipass feature. This feature is only available for Shopify Plus plans. From the Shopify Multipass docs

Multipass login is for store owners who have a separate website and a Shopify store. It redirects users from the website to the Shopify store and seamlessly logs them in with the same email address they used to sign up for the original website. If no account with that email address exists yet, one is created. There is no need to synchronize any customer databases.

For your particular scenario, you would have to validate user credentials with your external database, generate multipass url and redirect.