Is It Possible To Embed Gecko Or Webkit In A Windows Form Just Like A WebView?

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I'd love to know if there is such a thing as a Gecko.NET ;) I mean, just like we can embed a WebView and that is an "instance" of IE7 inside any Windows Forms application (and tell it to navigateto(fancy_url);). I'd love to use Firefox or WebKit.

Anybody tried this?

UPDATE: Please bear in mind that although it is possible to embed Gecko using the mentioned controls, it is still impossible to print while using Gecko.

UPDATE March 2010: It’s still not possible to print natively using GeckoFX, however a couple of methods exist that may be enough, depending upon what you’re trying to do. See: for more information.

UPDATE October 2013: I am no longer doing Windows development so I have no interest in this, but seems like the development of Gecko can be found here: and it seems to be recently updated. Leaving this here for future Windows devs ;)

UPDATE January 2017: I have gotten an email from a company called TeamDev. They created a Chromium-based .NET browser component called "DotNetBrowser" which can be used to display modern web pages in Windows Forms applications.

To quote the email directly:

Here are some details about the component, which might be helpful:

  1. DotNetBrowser is based on Chromium, thus supporting HTML5, CSS3, JS and the latest web standards. The underlying Chromium version of the library is regularly updated.
  2. The component is suitable for WPF as well as Windows Forms desktop applications, and works both for C# and VB.NET.
  3. The library is licensed commercially, however free licences are provided for Open Source and academic projects.

Disclaimer:I have not used this DotNetBrowser for I no longer do Windows Development but may be worth checking if you're looking for a solution to this.



This is a nice .NET-wrapped version of Gecko