Is It Possible To Create A Launch Configuration From An EC2 Running Instance With Node.js Sdk?

From here I learned that is possible to create a launch configuration passing the InstanceId of an actually running instance.

Sadly it only show the possibility to do that from AWS Console and from AWS CLI. I found the documentation about how to do that with the AWS SDK for Java, but nothing for Node.js.

Has anybody found any information about that?




JS documentation says you can

I would use this function - createLaunchConfiguration with param InstanceId. Documentation well describes InstanceID as -

The ID of the instance to use to create the launch configuration. The new launch configuration derives attributes from the instance, with the exception of the block device mapping.

If you do not specify InstanceId, you must specify both ImageId and InstanceType.

To create a launch configuration with a block device mapping or override any other instance attributes, specify them as part of the same request.