Is It Possible To Change The Shipping Address On An Order On Shopify

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I want to change the shipping address after an order has been submitted. Is this possible, I have been looking for ways to do this but it seems like no one has ever had this issue... I wish to do this via an API call. I want my customers to be able to change their shipping address of their order.

Please let me know if this is possible.



Yes it's possible with API call.

Using shopify Order API call to update order. Look for an example below

PUT => /admin/orders/#{id}.json

  "order": {
    "id": 450789469,
    "shipping_address": {
      "first_name": "Jane",
      "last_name": "Smith",
      "address1": "123 Fake Street",
      "phone": "777-777-7777",
      "city": "Fakecity",
      "province": "Ontario",
      "country": "Canada",
      "zip": "K2P 1L4"

This should update your order.

Note : haven't tested this but while creating order, it works exactly this way.