Is Alt="" ONLY Readable For Images?

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I would like to use the alt attribute so I can use it for my search widget in WordPress.

I am using elementor and WordPress editor so I can add the attributes with HTML.

<h3 alt="seawater">seawater</h3>

I tried this code and went to my search widget but the results weren't what I expected.

I know I can use YOAST plugin so maybe I should dig into that instead. I would like to do an SEO for the paragraphs that are important on the website.



The "alt" attribute is used as an alternative information for an image if for some reason that image can't be loaded or if the user is using a screen reader.

For img tags, "alt" attribute is required.

You can also use it with area and input tags.

Regarding your question about SEO and Heading Tags, I think you should take a look at best practices about it. How and When to use them really matters if you're worried about SEO.