IRestResponse Could Not Be Found

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I have restsharp 107.1.2 loaded via nuget target framework is .net 6.0. The following code claims that IRestResponse reference is missing, though I feel like I'm following pretty close to the RestSharp documentation. What am I missing?

using RestSharp;
using RestSharp.Authenticators;
using System.Text;

static void Main()

    String url = "";

    //Set up the RestClient
    var client = new RestClient(url);

    //Store the generated API from the biller portal
    String GeneratedAPIKey = "SomeKey=";

    //Convert genrated API key to Base64
    String encodedAPIKey = encoding(GeneratedAPIKey);

    //HTTPBasicAuthentication will take a username and a password
    //Here we use your API key as the username and leave the password with ""
    client.Authenticator =  new HttpBasicAuthenticator(encodedAPIKey, "");


    //Get the request
    var request = new RestRequest("resource", Method.Get);

    //Get the response

   // var response = client.ExecuteGetAsync(request);

    IRestResponse reponse = client.Execute(request);


As per the documentation ( ...

The IRestResponse interface is deprecated. You get an instance of RestResponse or RestResponse<T> in return.

Again, according to the documentation ...

var client = new RestClient("");

var request = new RestRequest()
    .AddQueryParameter("foo", "bar")

var response = await client.PostAsync<MyResponse>(request, cancellationToken);

... as an example.