In Nginx, How To Match And Entire URL And Query String And Redirect To A URL And Query String

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I have been searching for a while now, trying work arounds and haven't come up with anything useful.

I have a (large) list of URL's from an site migration and need to match the entire URL + Query String and redirect to another URL.

As far as I can see the following only matches /mens, but not the rest of the query string.

rewrite "^/mens?brand%5B%5D=27&section%5B%5D=5&price-min=0&price-max=2000&sort=newest"  "/t/gender/men" permanent;

The reason it's important is that I have a bunch of similar URL's with slightly different Query Strings, which need to be redirected, similar to below, but actually work.... :-/

rewrite "^/mens/shop?q=road+map+polo"       "/t/category/golf-knits"    permanent;
rewrite "^/mens/shop?q=six+pocket+pant"     "/t/category/golf-pants"    permanent;

#etc... ad noiseam 

Thanks in advance, Paul.



The $request_uri variable contains the entire URL. You could use a map to translate it into a redirection.

map $request_uri $target {
    ~*^/mens/shop\?q=road\+map\+polo   /t/category/golf-knits;
    ~*^/mens/shop\?q=six\+pocket\+pant /t/category/golf-pants;

server {
    if ($target) { return 301 $target; }

See this document for details.