In Flux Architecture, How Do You Manage Analytics Tracking?

Let's say I'm building a single page application like Airbnb. One thing that would be good in such application is to track when someone creates an account.

For the tracking part, there are a lot of services that would help (google analytics, segment, etc).

For example, to track an event using react-ga you simply can use the following:

  category: 'User',
  action: 'Created an Account'

But my question is... how this should be done in a flux architecture?

Should I dispatch an action and add a middleware for this action? Or just call that function directly inside of signUp action?



A few times I had to code very similar thing for services like Intercom. I used Redux at that time. In event-driven architecture, which Redux based apps are, you can do it in a very attractive way just by using middlewares.

In my case, I have noticed that I already have all required actions and all I need is just send a request to an analytics too after some action was triggered.

Something like this:

function sendIntercomRequest(action) {
  // send a request to analytic tool here

const intercomMiddreware = store => next => action => {
  switch (action.type) {
    // take required events
    case actionTypes.SIGN_IN_SUCCESS:
    case actionTypes.SIGN_OUT_SUCCESS:

  return next(action);