How To Use 'Markdown' In Parse_mode Of Telegram Bot?

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bot.on(/^\/s (.+)$/, async function(msg, props) {
      let id =;
      let message = await MyBot.getBySearchQuery(props.match[1]);
      let parse_mode = 'Markdown';
      return bot.sendMessage(id, message, { parse_mode });

By /s <param> I want to get some hyperlink in telegram. But instead of that I'm getting [hyperlink](http://some_url).

What is going wrong here? The message here is always a string like [title](url).



This reason yours isn't working is because you called it parse_mode instead of parseMode (See doc)

Try this, it should work.

const TeleBot = require('telebot');

const bot = new TeleBot('35353453:sfsdfsdffgrtyrty454646thfhfgfgh')

bot.on(/^\/s (.+)$/, async function(msg, props) {
  const id =;
  const url = "";
  const message = `Read more about [Google](${url}) now!!!!`;

  return bot.sendMessage(id, message, { parseMode: 'Markdown' });


Okay, I tested it and it works well. I sent /s ert and here was the response:

enter image description here

So now let me click Google and you'll see the popup: enter image description here

THERE YOU GO. Hope it helps