How To Use A Section In Multiple Pages Without Creating Duplicates Of It[Shopify]?

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So i am making a designer's page in which there are different pages for a designer. I want each page to be fully customize able from the admin panel. So, I am making use of the sections. So what I did is, I copied the the section code into a custom page template. Then I made a page from admin panel and assigned that(custom page template) to that page. Then I did the same for another page and assigned the same custom template to the other page.

But the problem is that If I change something from one page(admin panel), it's changing the other page too.

My Solution

I solved the problem by making a separate template + section for every page. But, I feel like this is not the best solution and surely not scale able.


What is the best solution to tackle this problem without making separate sections or templates for every other page?



This is not possible for the moment.

However, Shopify has announced recently that this possibility is coming soon (already available via dev preview):