How To Upload File To Google Cloud Bucket Using SignedUrl

I am developing an Angular App, to display content of a google cloud storage bucket. For the back, I am using google cloud functions in nodeJS

As they mentioned in the documentation to upload a file, I created a function to generate signed url, but when I send my file with the signed url, I got a cors Error in the browser

I tested with postman, it uploads an empty file

Here is my lambda function:

// Imports the Google Cloud client library
const {Storage} = require('@google-cloud/storage');

// Creates a client
const storage = new Storage();

exports.generateSignedUrl = (req, res) => {
// generate signed url to use for file upload

const filename = req.query.fileName;
console.log('filename ', filename);

const filetype = req.query.fileType;
console.log('filetype ', filetype);

const bucketName = 'nx-terega-omega';

res.set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', "*");
res.set('Access-Control-Allow-Headers', "Origin, X-Requested-With, 
Content-Type, Accept, Authorization");

if (req.query.fileName !== null && req.query.fileName !== undefined
  && req.query.fileType !== null && req.query.fileType !== undefined) 
generateV4UploadSignedUrl(bucketName, filename).then(function (value) 
  console.log('File Url response ', value);
  res.status(200).send(JSON.stringify({'url': value}));
}).catch(error => {
  res.status(404).send('Error while generating signed url');
} else {
res.status(500).send('Filename not found');

async function generateV4UploadSignedUrl(bucketName, filename, filetype) {
// [START storage_generate_upload_signed_url_v4]

// These options will allow temporary uploading of the file with outgoing
// Content-Type: application/octet-stream header.
const options = {
version: 'v4',
action: 'write',
expires: + 15 * 60 * 1000, // 15 minutes
contentType: filetype,

// Get a v4 signed URL for uploading file
const [url] = await storage

console.log('Generated PUT signed URL:');
console.log('You can use this URL with any user agent, for example:');
console.log("curl -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/octet-stream' " +`--upload-file my-file '${url}'`);

return url;
// [END storage_generate_upload_signed_url_v4]

When I receive the signed url, I send it my file within, but it returns

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.


As mentioned in Brandon Yarbrough response, I had to configure cors in Google Cloud. I was missing something in my configuration

  "origin": [""],
  "responseHeader": ["*"],
  "method": ["GET", "HEAD", "DELETE", "PUT"],
  "maxAgeSeconds": 3600

You should include PUT in the method and put * in responseHeader, because Content-Type is not sufficient