How to upload (Best way to upload) whole OctoberCMS project from localhost to live server

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I am new to OctoberCMS and currently i am developing one project in the same CMS in my local server . . say it has a url something like http://localhost/october_cms/

Now my question is, how to upload [best way to upload] my whole new project to live server with database with the new url itself .. something like or something like or anyway ?

I want the database urls should be changed as well without any hurdle or any issues after i upload on live server.

Any idea or any plugin OctoberCMS provides to deal with this thing ?





There isn't going to be a best way I'm afraid - these things come down to developer choice in terms of what kind of server to run it on.

If you're not sure about what stack to run, then personally I would suggest setting up a Ubuntu (14.04) install on a VPS - it's a linux OS that is really widely used so Googling problems will always come up with a result. You can use a cloud hosting provider like or to spin up a server in no time. DigitalOcean in particular I really like their guides to setting up servers - very comprehensive.

Once you've got a server up and running and you can login via SSH or FTP, you can copy over your local project multiple ways. You could for example setup a fresh install following the October CMS documentation and then copy your project over the top via FTP - this is probably the most simple way as if you have good FTP software then it's just like copying files locally. Another option would be to use version control software like git and a service to manage this like GitHub, so you can quickly copy your project and also manage it using version control.

I'm not sure what you mean by database urls? What database have you got running locally? In any case, this should be an easy part of the process - once you've got the server running and have installed your chosen DB software (MySQL or SQLite most likely) you simply export locally, upload the file via FTP or SSH and then import.

Apologies there isn't any exact code or commands for you here - but this is very much an opinion based question which isn't what StackOverflow is really for - you should maybe try the October CMS Slack channel, or reaching out on the forums.