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How To Split A String Into Words. Ex: "stringintowords" -> "String Into Words"?

What is the right way to split a string into words ? (string doesn't contain any spaces or punctuation marks)

For example: "stringintowords" -> "String Into Words"

Could you please advise what algorithm should be used here ?

! Update: For those who think this question is just for curiosity. This algorithm could be used to camеlcase domain names ("sportandfishing .com" -> "SportAndFishing .com") and this algo is currently used by aboutus dot org to do this conversion dynamically.



As mentioned by many people here, this is a standard, easy dynamic programming problem: the best solution is given by Falk Hüffner. Additional info though:

(a) you should consider implementing isWord with a trie, which will save you a lot of time if you use properly (that is by incrementally testing for words).

(b) typing "segmentation dynamic programming" yields a score of more detail answers, from university level lectures with pseudo-code algorithm, such as this lecture at Duke's (which even goes so far as to provide a simple probabilistic approach to deal with what to do when you have words that won't be contained in any dictionary).

source: stackoverflow.com