How To Show Labels On A Barchart On Mouseover With D3.js?

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I have drawn a horizontal barchart with D3.js. Each bar has a label and the bar changes color on mousover. Label visibility is set to hidden initially.

var bars = gw2.selectAll(".bar")
    //append rects
        .attr("class", "bar")
        .attr("id", function(d) { return"_bar"; })
        .attr("y", function(d) { return y2(; })               
        .attr("height", y2.bandwidth())
        .style("filter", "url(#drop-shadow-h)")
        .attr("width", function(d) { return x2(d.value); });        
    //add a value label to the right of each bar
        .attr("class", "textlbl")
        .attr("id", function(d) { return"_lbl"; })
        .attr("fill", "#404040")
        .attr("x", function(d) { return x2(d.value) - 5 })
        .attr("y", function(d){ return y2( + (y2.bandwidth()/2); })
        .attr("dy", ".35em") //vertical align middle
        .style("text-anchor", "end")
        .text(function(d){ return (d.value); });    

.textlbl {       
   font-size: 0.7rem;
   font-weight: bold;
   visibility: hidden;

I would like that, in addition to the color change of the single bar on mousover, also the corresponding label changes visibility to 'visible'. The single bar is as following:

    <rect class="bar" id="Greece_bar" y="149" height="14" width="230" style="filter: url(&quot;#drop-shadow-h&quot;);"></rect>
    <text class="textlbl" id="Greece_lbl" fill="#404040" x="225" y="156" dy=".35em" style="text-anchor: end; visibility: hidden;">56.6</text>

I've tried different solutions, but they don't work. First, with 'selectAll', but it selects all bars and all labels and not only the one with mouseover:

    .on("mouseover", function(d){               
        d3.selectAll(".textlbl").style("visibility", "visible");

Then I've tried with 'this', but I can't get the selector 'textlbl' and the code returns the error "'[object SVGRectElement]+.textlbl' is not a valid selector".".bar")
    .on("mouseover", function(d){              "+.textlbl").style("visibility", "visible");

Any suggestion?



Maybe this will do.

In d3 you can't select siblings, go to the parent first".bar")
    .on("mouseover", function(d){              '.textlbl').style("visibility", "visible");