How To Set Canonical URL For 2 Part Blog Entry?

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I have a blog with Photoshop tutorials and because some of my tutorials are quite long I've decided to split the content into parts

and set the canonical rel for both pages to

Is this better than the option of having 2 canonical links? Please note that I have images and text on both parts that I would like to have indexed.



It’s not allowed to use the canonical link type in that case.

RFC 6596 defines:

The target (canonical) IRI MUST identify content that is either duplicative or a superset of the content at the context (referring) IRI.

But your second page is not included in (or identical to) the first page.

So you have these options:

  • Introduce a page that contains the whole content, and make this one the canonical target for all paginated pages (but if you do this, you might want to consider to stop offering the paginated versions in the first place). Note that this is only allowed if the paginated pages don’t have separate user comments (or any other unique content).
  • Use self-referentialcanonical targets.
  • Omit canonical.